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Friday, March 31, 2017 12:08 PM

For Now, We Should Worry about April Fool's Day

On March 17, I speculated about the possibility of an April storm on April 15 (correction!)–the Ides. How ironic that we should now get a storm on the very first day–April Fool's.

Anyway, the forecast is for a mixed precipitation storm, lasting through late Saturday. Right now, NOAA forecasts about 6" total, but it is going to be wet, heavy stuff–a mix of heavy wet snow, rain, and (maybe) sleet.

In addition, NOAA raises the possibility of another "event" on Tuesday and yet another on Thursday!

Remember that I do have some safety vests for adopters that need them. It's especially important to wear them after dark.

Bus stops may have to wait until Thursday, hopefully by the end of that day.

I still have a couple of shovels for two worthy volunteers.

Special thanks for your extra effort in this upcoming storm.

Here's a link to info on the current Portland city sand/salt pickup location. It's best to have a bucket or two on hand before you need it.

Volunteers: Remember if you are now or become a member of Hour Exchange, you can collect hours for your hours clearing bus stops this season. Give me the hours you've worked as a volunteer along with your Hour Exchange member name.

We really need some "when available" volunteers who may be able to cover for regular ones when they can't properly take care of their stops.

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Check with NOAA Weather for the latest predictions.

Here's the Weather Underground link: Click for Portland, Maine Forecast



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