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We received very nice coverage in the "What's that?" column of "The Source" section in February 1st's, 2015 Maine Sunday Telegram.

Shoveling May Be Good for your Soul

Here's another good reason for adopting a stop.

We had TV Coverage!

Storm of January 21, 2011

Jan 21, 9:00 PM: Adopt-A-Stop was helped 4 years ago by a WCSH Channel 6 TV Story. (Unfortunately the video of this event is no longer available.)


Channel 6 Story

Our take on the Recent, current, or next storm.


Volunteer Coordinator (especially for Portland):

Robert Wagner: Contact by email

Telephone (especially if you need a quick response): (207) 408-4404

South Portland Coordinator (for problem resolution):

Rick Sargent:

Telephone: 767-5556


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