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How It Works


In order to expand the number of bus stops that are both cleared of snow and ice in winter and kept clean and attractive year-round, we need the services of able-bodied volunteers (including businesses adjacent to stops) to fill the gap.

If you can make the commitment, you will

Commitment asked of each volunteer adopting a specific stop:

Backup Volunteers:

Filling the Gaps

Backup Volunteers fill an important niche in the Adopt-A-Stop program. Most volunteers assigned to a stop will not always be available. In addition, special situations arise that require a one-time shoveling out of a bus stop.

Backups do need to sign and send in the Volunteer Release. One advantage is this: They don't need to commit for a whole year. They simply serve on an "as needed" and "when available" basis.

Actually, we have two types of backup volunteers:

Both kinds are needed.

Commitment asked of each backup volunteer:


Volunteer Coordinator (especially for Portland):
Robert Wagner: Contact by email
Telephone (especially if you need a quick response): (207) 408-4404

South Portland Coordinator (for problem resolution):
Rick Sargent:

Telephone: 767-5556

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