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Park Near State

On busy Park Ave. Where would YOU like to stand?

Park near Deering

Parkside Neighbor digging out a stop at Park and State.

Mobil on Congress

At Mobil Station on Congress

A program of volunteers improving the year-round accessibility and attractiveness
of major bus stops on the Portland Metro and South Portland Bus Service routes.


Access to taking the bus is hindered in winter by snow drifts and icy conditions. This means that many of our citizens simply cannot use the bus, or take a risk of hurting themselves. The elderly, handicapped and families using strollers are particularly affected.

Of more than 600 bus stops in Portland and South Portland fewer than 100 are shoveled out by the muncipal public works departments and bus operators. Because of the cost to keep these bus stops clear, it is necessary to ask able bodied volunteers to commit to a particular bus stop. When a stop is adopted, signs at the stop highlight that it is part of the Adopt-A-Stop program.

Goal: In all seasons, at each selected stop:

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Updated December 18, 2016